Massage & Bodywork

Methods aim to offer clients release, relief, and a deeper anatomical understanding of the healing process. Sonja specializes in untangling chronic pain tied to emotional stressors, relieving arthritis & joint pain, and creating more movement and fluidity in the body for ease and comfort.



Energywork & Intuitive Wellness  

Each client is guided through a supportive, safe, and sacred space where he/she can release, reawaken, and replenish; learning how to empower and actualize their own Intuitive self. Sonja's approach is gentle and effective, and each session aims to empower you, so you can release areas of resistance and cultivate your passions and success from a foundation of Self-love and balance.




Sonja is a warm and well-respected figure in the healing community.  With a national and international following, her clients include individuals and professionals from all walks of life, athletes, musicians, and corporate entities. Sonja works from the understanding and appreciation that each person is an individual and deserves a unique approach.