Come as you are! Each session is tailored to further your own understanding of the Self and your Spiritual & Metaphysical anatomy. This understanding aims to help you break out of emotional and behavioral patterns that have kept you from reaching personal goals and desires. Based on your past & present life experiences, Sonja will provide you with the tools, the intuitive guidance, and energywork that aims to give you new personal insight and increased clarity, so you can generate desired change for a more authentic life.



Various energy-based modalities are available in each session in order to meet the personalized needs and intentions of your session. Please refer to the list below when requesting a session:


Chakra Balancing & Cleansing
Shamanic Energywork
Medical & Dietary Intuitive Guidance

 Intuitive Readings & Timelines
Pastlife Regression
Fertility Coaching
Prenatal & Perinatal Intuitive Guidance



There are currently two types of readings with Sonja:
In-person or via Phone & Skype


In-Person Session 

Sonja's studio is warm & inviting. For those living in or visiting the Boston area, an in-person session can be a supportive space outside of the home. 


Phone & Skype Readings

This is also ideal if you don’t live in or near the Boston area, or are unable to get to Sonja's studio. 

In the world of intuition and soul work, there is all time and all space, so a reading or healing can be with anyone, anywhere.


*All first sessions run 90-120min.
150/60min  -  185/75min - 215/90min   -  290/120min



Ready to start a journey?

Sonja is committed to finding a date & time that work best for you. Please contact her directly when looking to book your session. Details can be found HERE.