Getting in Touch


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1001 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

Telephone: 617-475-0535 

Accepted forms of payment: Cash, check, credit card, Venmo & Paypal


Sonja's studio is located inside the O2 Yoga Studio, at 1001 Massachusetts ave. To get to her studio:

  • Go through the cafe on the first floor
  • Up the black carpeted stairs and past the check-in desk **If any O2 employees inquire about your destination, you can inform them you have an appointment with Sonja.
  • Continue to follow the stairs as they lead to the far right, they are marked with purple curtains
  • Go past the two yoga rooms
  • Follow a few more steps around to the left and pass the Buddha

Sonja's studio is located directly across from the love seat.  She will meet you there at the time of your appointment!

**Sonja's hours sometime extend beyond the hours of O2 Yoga, if the front door is locked, please call or text her.