Each sessions begins with time for you to present yourself, your story, and the areas you would like to address, heal, shift, or resolve in your life. Sonja uses a variety of intuitive and Shamanic tools in each session in order to move and release energy in and around your Auric body.  When an individual receives Energywork, he/she is fully clothed and all sessions are conducted in a very safe environment, are strictly private, and confidential.  


During the session...


After an introduction to the space and intention of the session, Sonja will work to better understand and guide you through the stories and life experiences that are creating imbalance in your life. Upon identifying where these imbalances are located and what variables, if any, are unhealthy to you and your desired lifestyle, you and Sonja will discuss the necessary next steps - which tools and techniques will serve you and your healing process. 

In this supportive space, you will learn how to examine areas of stagnation, which energies belong to you, which do not, and process and release them through guided meditations and feelings of Self-awareness and Self-love.  

During the session, you may experience changes in your breathing pattern and feelings of shifting weight & energy in (and around) the body. Colors, images, and sounds may also present themselves.


After the session...


After your session, energy will continue to shift and rise within and around your body.  Depending on the nature of your intention, significant healing can be expereinced. Success is dependent upon your own willingness to actively create healing patterns from a place fo Self-love and Self-awarenss.  It may take 1-3 days for the healing process to feel fully integrated into your being.  In the days following, it is important to be gentle with yourself, as you may experience various rising emotions or observations.