How to Prepare for Your Massage


While Sonja is a professional and dedicated to doing her best to help you feel at ease, you can do many things before, during, and after the massage to facilitate your therapy. The healing effects of your massage will be more pronounced if you allow yourself to let go and give yourself permission to feel good. Steps you can take to prepare include:



Before your massage...


Prepare to relax - The more relaxed you are prior to your massage, the deeper your relaxation will be during your massage.

Bath or shower - Although time does not always allow for such preparedness, showering or bathing warms you and your muscles - allowing them to loosen and relax.

Minimize your makeup - One of Sonja's favorite ways to end a session is with a calming face massage.

Time your meals - It is best NOT to eat much prior to your massage. Eating lightly is suggested; however, because massage stimulates digestions, eating directly before massage may leave you feeling uncomfortably full. 

Be on time - Do you best to plan accordingly, taking into account time for parking, walking, and public transit.  Feeling frenzied or rushed will take your body longer to relax.


During your massage...

Be honest and communicate - Before the session, give accurate health information. Don't be afraid to discuss any apprehensions or concerns.  It is important that you be as comfortable as possible during your massage.

Breathe - Breathing helps facilitate relaxation. Remember to breathe normally.

Relax - Your main job is to relax. It's possible that Sonja will manipulate parts of your body by lifting them (i.e. arms, legs, head, etc.). Do not worry about assisting in the lifting; there is no need to "help."  Relax and allow yourself to be passive and lifted. 

After your massage...


Move Slowly - Don't get up too quickly.  Allow for some open, quiet time after your massage.

Drink water - During the massage, toxins are pushed out of your muscles and released into your bloodstream.  Drinking water helps accelerate the healing process and flush out the released toxins.

Think about the healing process - Massage has its greatest benefits over time.  The therapeutic effects of massage are cumulative.  From one session to the next, relaxation deepens and chronic pain and patterns of stress can be released.  If your intention is to address chronic tension or support recovery from a soft tissue injury, the healing process will benefit from more than one session.

Communicate - Sonja will reach out and inquire about your massage experience. By communicating with her and sharing any observations and/or experiences will allow her to continue to assist you from a distance (i.e. stretching recommendations, at-home healing remedies, other suggested helpful modalities, etc.).