Alleviate low-back pain
 Improve range of motion
Increase joint flexibility & mobility
Reduce spasms & cramping
Boost the Immune stystem
Stimulate lymphatic flow
Stretch weak, tight, and atrophied muscles
Improve circulation
Relieve migraine pain & headaches
Help athletes prepare for, and recover from, strenuous exercise or events


Reduce blood pressure
Improve posture
Assist with shorter & easier labor for expectant mothers
Shorten maternity hospital stays
Ease medication dependence
Improve the condition of the skin
Promote tissue regeneration
Reduce scar tissue and stretch marks
Reduce postsurgery adhesions & swelling


Aid in deeper & easier breathing
Relax injured, tired, or overused muscles
Lessen depression and anxiety
Improve sleep
Improve intellectual reasoning & concentration
Create a sense of calmness, relief, and relaxation