Massage & Bodywork


Each session begins with a brief dialogue in order to better highlight any physical ailments and/or emotional stressors that may contribute to current levels of discomfort. By attuning and attending to changes in breath, muscle tone, and movement, Sonja works to release tension stored in layers of fascia and free the energy and “stories” we hold in our muscles and energy centers. 


Please refer to the list below when requesting a session.


Swedish & Relaxation
Myofascial Release

Deep Tissue
Active Release
Trigger Point Therapy

Lomi Lomi
Cranial Sacral Therapy

Prenatal & Perinatal


95/1hour-  135/90minutes-  180/2 hours


Ready to schedule your appointment?

 When looking to schedule your massage, contact Sonja directly. Sonja is committed to finding a day & time that are optimal for you & your schedule. Reach out to Sonja here.


The body is the vehicle for our physical experiences - for movement, to express, to work, to create, and to share ourselves.